Perform Management System April 7, 2023

Workplus Perform
Boost Individual & Organizational Performance

Workplus Perform is an all-in-one performance management system designed to boost individual and organizational performance. It enables companies to set performance goals for their employees, monitor their progress, and provide feedback and recognition for their achievements. With Workplus Perform, companies can align employee performance with their overall business objectives and drive improved performance across the organization.

Some of the key features of Workplus Perform include:

Setting Annual Performance Goals/KPIs

With Workplus Perform, companies can set annual performance goals for their employees based on their job responsibilities and organizational objectives. These goals can be tracked throughout the year, and employees can monitor their progress and receive feedback on their performance.

Performance Appraisal & Rating

Workplus Perform provides a comprehensive performance review process that enables managers to assess their employees’ performance against the set goals and give ratings. Managers can evaluate employees’ strengths, identify areas for improvement and provide feedback.

Link to Learning & Reward

Workplus Perform enables companies to link employee performance with learning and development opportunities. Employees who demonstrate strong performance can be rewarded with promotions, salary increases, and other incentives.

Performance Reports

Workplus Perform provides real-time reports and analytics that enable companies to track their employees’ performance and identify areas for improvement. Companies can generate customizable reports based on employee performance ratings, goal achievement, and other key performance indicators.
Workplus Perform supports companies in managing employee performance, aligning employee goals with the organization’s objectives, and recognizing and rewarding high-performing employees. With its user-friendly interface, it is easy for employees to use, and managers can quickly track employee performance and provide feedback. It is an all-in-one solution to manage employee performance and drive better organizational results.

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