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Workplus Engage
Boost Employee Engagement & Collaboration

Workplus Engage is a social employee engagement module designed to help organizations connect and engage with their employees. It provides an interactive platform where employees can collaborate, share ideas, recognize each other, and stay informed of important company news and updates.

Key Features:


With Workplus Engage, you can create and publish organization and team-wise announcements that appear on the Social Wall. Keep your employees in the loop and informed of the latest news and developments, all in one central location.

Employee Recognition

The Employee Recognition feature allows employees to recognize each other for their good work. The recognition is published on the Social Wall, improving employee morale and motivation.

Automated Employee Birthdays and Anniversaries

The module also publishes automated employee birthday and anniversary announcements on the Social Wall, promoting a positive work culture and fostering a sense of community.

Employee Posts

Employees can post text, images, and videos on the Social Wall, promoting knowledge sharing, and enhancing communication and collaboration within the organization.

Social Wall

The Social Wall is an interactive platform where employees can engage with each other, share ideas, and stay informed of important company news and updates.

Mobile App

The module comes with a mobile app that enables employees to access the platform from anywhere, anytime. Employees can view the Social Wall, enter recognition, and access other features such as leave, attendance, and timesheets.
Workplus Engage is a powerful tool that can help organizations create a positive work environment and improve employee engagement and collaboration. It enables HR to connect with employees, create a sense of community, and drive performance and productivity. With Workplus Engage, organizations can foster a culture of recognition, engagement, and collaboration, which leads to better employee retention and business success.

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