Payroll Management Software April 14, 2023

Workplus Payroll
Process Your Payroll in Minutes!

Workplus Payroll is an error-free and compliant payroll management system that helps you process payroll in minutes. Say goodbye to tedious manual calculations and hello to a smooth and automated payroll management experience. Workplus Payroll is built using the latest technology and can be fully customized to your organization’s needs. With Workplus Payroll, you can easily manage your payroll processes and save valuable time and resources.

Key Features:

Automated Payroll Calculations

Workplus Payroll allows you to process your payroll quickly and accurately, eliminating manual errors. It provides automated salary calculations, leave salary processing, overtime calculations, and deductions & arrears.

Mobile App for Employees

Employees can easily access their payslips and view their salary breakdown on the go, as well as enter their leave requests, attendance, and timesheets using the Workplus mobile app.

Integration with Other Systems

Workplus Payroll can be integrated with other software and hardware systems, enabling you to streamline your payroll processes further.

Final Settlement Processing

Workplus Payroll also includes final settlement processing, making it easy to manage the final payments of employees who are leaving your organization.
A screenshot of the workplus payroll software interface, showing automated payroll calculations and processes.

Say Goodbye to Excel Sheets

Workplus Payroll helps HR teams get rid of tedious and error-prone manual calculations on Excel sheets. It provides a single platform for all payroll-related processes, saving time and resources.

Overtime Management

Workplus Payroll includes all overtime-related features in a single point, making it easy for HR teams to manage employee overtime. This includes viewing overtime data and calculations, checking overtime approvals status, and checking employee-wise overtime data and total pay calculations.
In conclusion, Workplus Payroll is a comprehensive payroll management system that makes it easy to process payroll in minutes. With its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and mobile app for employees, Workplus Payroll is the ideal solution for organizations looking to streamline their payroll processes and improve their efficiency.

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