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Workplus HRMS
The All-in-one HR & Payroll Software

Are you tired of manually managing your HR and payroll operations using Excel spreadsheets? Do you want to streamline your HR processes and make them more efficient and compliant? Workplus HRMS is the solution you need!
Our cloud-based HR and payroll software is an all-in-one platform that helps you automate your HR administrative tasks, employee records, leave management, attendance tracking, timesheets, payroll processing, and more. It’s fast, secure, and easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that simplifies HR processes for both managers and employees.

Organization Module

The Organization module is designed to help you manage your organizational structure and hierarchy efficiently. You can create departments, divisions, job titles, sections, and teams and assign employees to them. With this module, you can easily organize your company’s workforce and access information quickly.

Onboarding Module

The Onboarding module simplifies the employee onboarding process, making it easier for you to welcome new hires to your organization. The module provides a customizable onboarding checklist, which can be tailored to meet your company’s unique needs. You can issue digital offer letters, create onboarding tasks, assign them to specific employees, and track their progress. With this module, you can ensure that your new hires have a smooth and successful onboarding experience.

Employee Module

The Employee module in Workplus HRMS allows you to manage all employee data, records, and documents in one place. You can access data anytime, from anywhere, and receive advance alerts to your inbox for expiry of any employee documents such as identity documents, educational documents etc. Keep all employee records and documents up to date and avoid penalties.

Leave Module

The Leave module in Workplus HRMS makes employee leave management easy. You can set up leave types, carry forward, encashment and leave lapse rules as per company policy. Applying and approval of leave requests using employee & manager self-service. You can view leave calendar & generate leave reports, as well as view utilized and available leave balances.

Timesheet Module

The Timesheet module in Workplus HRMS lets you track hours spent by employees on specific projects daily. You can create multiple projects and manage project costing easily using Workplus HRMS. You can also manage project timelines & submissions and work out team performances. Workplus HRMS tracks the number of hours an employee or team has spent on different phases of a project. This helps plan and deliver better for future projects. Use timesheets to process monthly payroll.

Attendance Management Module

The Attendance Management module in Workplus HRMS provides you smart attendance management options. You can use our geo location (GPS) based attendance management system for time tracking employees working from anywhere using one tap clock-in and clock-out option. We also have the option to integrate attendance using your own biometric system. Access all attendance data in real time and generate custom attendance reports.

Payroll Module

The Payroll module in Workplus HRMS allows you to process payroll in minutes. You no longer need to do tedious calculations manually and waste several days on payroll preparation and calculation. Set up your payroll with Workplus HRMS and automate your complete pay process. Workplus HRMS allows you to easily integrate attendance or timesheet, calculate overtime and under time, leave pay, incentive pay, loans, and other deductions. Now process error-free payroll using Workplus HRMS in minutes.

Document Management Module

The Documents module allows you to store and manage HR documents such as employee contracts, offer letters, and performance evaluations. You can also set document access permissions and track document versions. You can set document expiry notifications to avoid missing out on expiring documents. With this module, you can ensure that HR documents are stored securely and are easily accessible when needed.

Planning Module

The Plan module provides you with workforce planning capabilities. You can collect manpower requirements from managers and turn them into a forecast and budget for the upcoming year. You can also view employee timesheets by projects and do project budgeting and costing reports. With this module, you can effectively plan and allocate your organization’s resources.

Employee Engagement Module

The Employee Engagement module provides a platform for social posts, organizational announcements, and employee recognition. This module enables employees to recognize each other for their contributions and helps foster a positive workplace culture. You can also use this module to share company news and information and engage with your employees on a regular basis.

Reports & Analytics

The Reports module provides you with insights into your organization’s HR data. You can generate reports on employee attendance, leaves, payroll, and performance evaluations. This module also provides you with data visualization tools that enable you to analyze and interpret HR data easily.

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