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Turnover, with regards to HR, refers to the rate at which workers leave an organization and are supplanted by fresh recruits. An important metric that has a significant impact on an organization’s operations, productivity, and overall performance measures the movement of the workforce.
The first aspect of turnover is voluntary turnover, in which employees leave the company on their own accord. This may occur for a variety of reasons, including personal reasons, a desire for better career opportunities, dissatisfaction with their current position or work environment, or other motivations. Employee engagement, job satisfaction, and opportunities for growth and development all play a role in voluntary turnover.
Involuntary turnover, or employees leaving the company without their permission, is the second type of employee turnover. This could be because of layoffs, poor performance, misconduct, or other circumstances beyond the employee’s control. Changes in business strategies, economic conditions, or organizational restructuring all have the potential to influence involuntary turnover.
The overall turnover rate is the final aspect of turnover. It is calculated by dividing the number of employees who leave the company by the average number of employees over a given time, usually expressed as a percentage. Poor management, a low level of employee morale, or inadequate employee development and retention strategies can all be reasons for a high turnover rate. On the other hand, a stable and engaged workforce may be indicated by a low turnover rate.
In conclusion, employee turnover is the rate at which new hires replace departing employees. It is an important metric for determining an organization’s workforce health and can be voluntary or involuntary. HR professionals can identify trends, implement strategies to reduce turnover, and create a workforce that is more stable and engaged by understanding the reasons for turnover and monitoring turnover rates.

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