Resident Alien August 10, 2023

Resident Alien

A Resident Alien is an unfamiliar public who is living in the US and has been conceded consent to remain and work in the country on an extremely durable or brief premise. Resident aliens are subject to the same tax laws and regulations as citizens of the United States and may be taxed on all of their income, both domestically and internationally.
To be viewed as a Resident Alien for tax purposes, an individual should meet specific standards set out by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). For the most part, an individual will be viewed as a Resident Alien on the off chance that they have been truly present in the US for no less than 31 days during the ongoing year and for a sum of no less than 183 days throughout the course of recent years, including the ongoing year. However, a person may also be considered a Resident Alien under other circumstances.
Each year, Resident Aliens are required to file a tax return and obtain a taxpayer identification number from the IRS. They can take advantage of the same tax breaks and credits as citizens of the United States and may also be eligible for some Social Security benefits. However, they may also be subject to additional taxes that do not apply to U.S. citizens or non-resident aliens, such as the estate tax.

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