Requisition August 10, 2023


A formal request for a particular item or service that is required for business operations is known as a requisition. It is made by a department or manager. When a business needs to buy supplies, equipment, or services from an outside vendor, the requisition process is typically used for procurement. The quantity, price, and delivery date of the requested product or service are typically included in the requisition. It is a significant piece of the procurement cycle as it guarantees that all things and services are bought as per organization strategies and methodology.
The majority of businesses have a standardized requisition procedure with specific steps. Identifying the requirement for the product or service is the first step. A requisition document with all pertinent information about the product or service is created by the department or manager in charge of procurement after the need has been identified. The appropriate personnel, such as a purchasing manager or department head, then examine and approve the requisition. The procurement procedure can proceed and the product or service can be purchased once the requisition has been approved.
Requisitions can also be used internally, like when a department needs more people or resources. The requisition document would, in this instance, include details about the position being sought, such as job duties, qualifications, and salary range. Upper management or the HR department typically go through the review and approval phase of the internal requisition process. Overall, the requisition process is a basic piece of obtainment and resource management for any association.

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