Relieving Letter August 10, 2023

Relieving Letter

An official document that an employer issues to an employee who has resigned from their job is called a relieving letter, which can also be referred to as a resignation letter or a service certificate. It serves as evidence that the employee is no longer employed by the company and has completed their responsibilities. The letter additionally frames the employee’s last day of work, any leftover levy owed to them, and affirms their qualification for rehire later on.
Because it brings clarity and closure to the employment relationship, the relieving letter is an essential document for both the employer and the employee. After receiving a formal resignation from the employee and completing any necessary exit formalities, such as returning company property or paying any outstanding payments, employers typically issue the letter. The employee may require the letter for future job applications or other official purposes, so it is critical that the employer send it out promptly.
A relieving letter is frequently required for employees to submit an application for a new position or for visa and immigration purposes. It serves as evidence of their behavior during their time with the company as well as their previous employment. The letter can also be used by employees to demonstrate their professionalism and demonstrate their work experience to potential employers.
In general, a relieving letter is a significant report that guarantees a smooth change for both the business and worker as they continue on from their ongoing work relationship.

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