Pre-Boarding August 3, 2023


Pre-boarding is the process of interacting with new hires prior to their official start date, typically between accepting an offer and beginning employment. It’s a significant part of the worker onboarding process that can assist with laying out a positive connection between the association and the new employee and further improve retention rates. Pre-boarding exercises can incorporate all that from sending invite messages and documentation to giving data on the association’s way of life and values, as well as sorting out for any fundamental administrative work and documentation.
Pre-boarding’s primary objective is to prepare new hires for their first day of work by making them feel welcome. Depending on the particular requirements and resources of the organization, this can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Welcome kits with information about the company’s history and culture may be sent out by some businesses, while virtual meet-and-greets or orientation sessions may be held by others to help new hires get to know their co-workers and learn more about the company’s values and expectations.
The overall advantages of pre-boarding are abundant. Organizations can set the stage early on for a successful and productive relationship with new employees by investing in the process. Pre-boarding can assist with decreasing pressure and uneasiness among fresh recruits, while likewise cultivating a feeling of commitment and responsibility that can convert into further developed work performance and higher degrees of consistency. All things considered, it’s a significant part of any exhaustive onboarding procedure.

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