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The process of introducing and familiarizing new employees with an organization’s culture, policies, and procedures is referred to as orientation, also known as onboarding. It is a necessary step in helping new employees become productive members of the team and integrate into the organization. New hires can learn a lot about their roles, responsibilities, and the expectations of the company during orientation, which typically takes place in the first few days or weeks of employment.
New employees are given important information about the company, such as its mission, vision, and values, during orientation. They find out about the organization’s set of experiences, design, and key divisions. To keep new employees interested and help them learn, orientation sessions may include interactive activities, videos, and presentations. In addition, new hires might be given information about the benefits, safety policies, and resources that can help them grow professionally.
Orientation aims to provide new employees with a sense of welcome, support, and education as they navigate their new workplace. It assists them with grasping the hierarchical culture, values, and assumptions, encouraging a feeling of having a place and arrangement with the organization’s objectives. Orientation also aims to make information about the job, like expectations for performance, responsibilities, and reporting relationships, clearer. Organizations prepare new employees for successful integration into their roles and contributions to the success of the business by providing this fundamental knowledge.
In a nutshell, orientation is the procedure of introducing new employees to the culture, policies, and procedures of the company. It is intended to assist new employees with feeling invited, informed, and ready for their jobs. Information about the organization’s mission, history, structure, and key departments is provided during orientation. Additionally, it discusses safety procedures, workplace policies, benefits, and resources for new employees. The objective of orientation is to work with a smooth mix of new employees in the organization, cultivate a feeling of having a place, and furnish them with the information and devices needed to be fruitful in their jobs.

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