New-Hire Reporting July 12, 2023

New-Hire Reporting

Employers are required by law to report information about newly hired employees to state agencies under the new-hire reporting requirement. State agencies can quickly locate parents who owe child support and enforce child support orders by utilizing new-hire reporting. All new hires’ names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and other identifying information must be reported to their state agency by employers. Child support enforcement agencies have access to this information because it is entered into a state database.
The reporting of new hires is an important tool for enforcing child support orders. State agencies can quickly locate parents who owe child support and take action to enforce payment by requiring employers to report new hires. Employers’ data is used to find parents who don’t have custody of their children, prove paternity, and enforce child support orders. Penalties and fines may be imposed on employers who fail to report new hires.
Online reporting of new hires is a simple and straightforward procedure. New hires must be reported to employers within a certain time frame, typically 20 days after they are hired. New hires can be reported by mail, fax, or electronically by employers. While some states only require employers to report full-time employees, others require employers to report all new hires. Employers are encouraged to inquire about the specific reporting requirements of their state agency.

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