Multiple Hurdle Method July 12, 2023

Multiple Hurdle Method

A selection technique called the “multiple hurdle method” is used to evaluate job applicants based on a series of predetermined criteria or obstacles. In this method, candidates must successfully overcome each obstacle to advance to the subsequent selection stage. Each obstacle addresses a particular necessity or capability that up-and-comers should meet to be considered for the gig.
The criteria or obstacles in the multiple hurdle method are selected in accordance with the requirements of the job and the requirements of the organization. Educational qualifications, work experience, technical skills, behavioural competencies, or any other relevant qualifications may be included in these criteria. Candidates must meet the minimum requirements for each hurdle to advance in the selection process, which is organized in a sequential manner.
Candidates typically lose out on further consideration if they cannot overcome any obstacle. Employers can use this method to reduce the number of applicants by gradually eliminating those who do not possess the necessary qualifications. It makes it easier for businesses to effectively manage the hiring process and select the best candidates.
At each stage of the selection process, the multiple hurdle method ensures that candidates have the necessary skills and qualifications for the position. Employers can prioritize the most important criteria and make educated decisions about which candidates should move on to the next round by using a sequential approach. This strategy upgrades the objectivity and effectiveness of the choice interaction, eventually prompting the distinguishing proof of qualified up-and-comers who are the most ideal to make it happen.
In a nutshell, the multiple hurdle method is a selection strategy in which job applicants are evaluated using a series of predetermined criteria or obstacles. To advance in the selection process, candidates must successfully complete each hurdle. Employers can use this method to sort and rank candidates according to their skills and qualifications. It enables employers to identify the most qualified candidates for a position and ensures that candidates possess the necessary qualifications at each stage. Better hiring decisions are made because of the increased objectivity and efficiency of the multiple hurdle method.

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