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Leave Sharing Scheme

A Leave Sharing Plan is a plan where employees can deliberately give a part of their gathered paid pass on chance to a pool of leave that can be utilized by different workers who are encountering a drawn-out sickness or injury that surpasses their accessible leave balance. The idea behind this plan is to give workers a way to help each other out when they’re going through hard times.
All eligible employees are eligible to participate in a Leave Sharing Scheme on a voluntary basis; however, specific criteria may be established to determine eligibility for both donors and recipients. The employer or a designated administrator typically oversees the scheme and oversees ensuring that donations and distributions are handled in accordance with established guidelines.
A Leave Sharing Scheme may help reduce the employer’s liability for prolonged absences by allowing employees to support one another rather than relying solely on the employer’s leave policies. It may also help to foster a sense of community and goodwill among employees by allowing employees to support one another.

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