Lateral Move July 8, 2023

Lateral Move

A type of job changes in which an employee moves from one position to another at the same level of the organizational hierarchy is known as a lateral move. This indicates that although the duties and responsibilities of the job may differ, the employee’s status, salary, and authority level remain unchanged. Employees frequently take advantage of lateral moves as a means of expanding their skills, knowledge, and experience while maintaining their pay grade.
An employee can gain exposure to various parts of the organization without having to start from scratch at an entry-level position, which is one of the advantages of a lateral move. Because it provides the opportunity to learn about various aspects of the business and work with various teams, this can be particularly beneficial for employees who are looking to expand their skill set or investigate new career paths. Also, lateral moves can be a good way to keep top talent because they give employees new challenges and growth opportunities without leaving the company.
However, it is essential to keep in mind that career advancement is not always contingent on lateral moves. Even though they can give employees new experiences and opportunities, they might not always result in a raise or promotion. As a result, before deciding, employees should carefully consider their career goals and weigh the potential advantages and disadvantages of a lateral move. Managers can likewise help by giving make profession ways and valuable open doors for development inside the association to assist employees with feeling upheld in their vocation advancement.

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