Ghosting June 29, 2023


The term “ghosting” originated in the world of online dating but has since spread to the workplace, particularly in relation to employee behaviour and recruitment. It’s the act of cutting off all communication and contact with someone suddenly and without a reason, effectively “ghosting” them. In the HR setting, ghosting regularly happens when a competitor or employee quits answering messages, neglects to appear for meetings or work, or stops all correspondence with the business or partners.
Ghosting can have different ramifications in the work environment. From a recruitment perspective, it can happen when a candidate withdraws from the application process without providing an explanation, stops responding to invitations to interviews, or fails to attend scheduled interviews. This can be frustrating for recruiters and can disrupt the hiring process, resulting in delays and additional efforts to locate a suitable candidate.
Ghosting can occur within an organization when an employee leaves their position abruptly without giving notice or fails to show up for work without prior notice. This can make difficulties for the business, especially assuming the employees nonattendance influences group efficiency or on the other hand assuming there are basic assignments or ventures that are currently left unattended.
Ghosting can likewise occur with regards to inner correspondence and cooperation. It could include a employee abruptly stopping all correspondence with their associates, neglecting to answer messages or messages, or vanishing from group conversations and gatherings with practically no clarification. Collaboration may be hampered, workflows may be disrupted, and coworkers may become confused and irritated as a result.
Organizations can address and prevent ghosting by encouraging an open and transparent culture, maintaining regular check-ins with employees, and establishing clear communication channels. Expeditiously tending to any worries or issues raised by employees, giving open doors to criticism and discourse, and advancing a deferential and comprehensive workplace can assist with decreasing the probability of ghosting conduct.

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