Form 12BA June 27, 2023

Form 12BA

When starting a new job, employees are required to provide Form 12B to their new employers. This form is used to declare the employee’s salary and details about their previous employment, which are used to figure out the employee’s tax liability. The structure is utilized to guarantee that employees are not burdened more than they ought to be, and following the worker’s business history for purposes, for example, opportune asset and gratuity is likewise utilized.
Form 12BA consists of two sections. The details of the employee’s various perquisites and benefits, such as the value of free housing, the amount of medical reimbursement, and any other allowances or benefits, are listed in Part A. The employee must state on Part B of Form 12BA that they have received the benefits listed in Part A and are aware that these benefits will be added to their taxable income for the year.
The completion of Form 12BA accurately and completely is critical for both employers and employees. The Income Tax Department may impose fines and penalties if you fail to comply. To ensure that all employee benefits and perquisites are accurately reported on Form 12BA, employers should keep records of them throughout the year. To ensure that all benefits received are listed and that the form accurately reflects employees’ taxable income, employees should carefully review Form 12BA.

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