Structured Interview August 19, 2023

Structured Interview

An interview technique known as a structured interview involves asking each candidate a predetermined set of questions in a consistent and standard manner. It evaluates candidates based on specific job-related criteria in a methodical manner. The questions are thoughtfully constructed to gather pertinent information about the candidate’s qualifications, skills, and experience, as well as their suitability for the position. By allowing for objective comparisons between candidates, the structure ensures fairness and consistency in the evaluation process.
The questions that are asked in a structured interview are typically predetermined and based on the job’s requirements. The purpose of these questions is to determine the candidate’s relevant knowledge, abilities, competencies, and behavioural characteristics. Each candidate is asked the same set of questions by the interviewer, resulting in a standard evaluation process. Because all candidates are evaluated using the same criteria, this method helps reduce bias and subjectivity in the hiring process.
There are a number of advantages to the structured interview format. Because it focuses on job-related factors and reduces the influence of personal biases, it increases the reliability and validity of the interview process. It also makes it easier to compare candidates, making it easier to choose the best one for the job. In addition, structured interviews give all candidates a fair and consistent experience, ensuring equal opportunities and lowering the likelihood of discrimination.

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