Form 12BB June 27, 2023

Form 12BB

Employees are required to submit Form 12BB, an income declaration form, to their employers to claim certain tax deductions and allowances. A report helps businesses in deciding the right measure of duty to be deducted from the worker’s compensation. The structure is appropriate to all employees who are qualified to guarantee tax cuts, for example, house lease remittance, leave travel stipend, and exceptions under segment 80. To avoid any disparities in tax deductions, it is essential for employees to provide accurate information on Form 12BB.
The structure is separated into various areas that require the worker to give subtleties, for example, the name and address of the landowner, how much lease paid, and the period for which lease was paid, in the event of guaranteeing HRA. The employee must specify the destination, mode of transportation, and incurred costs when making a claim for LTA. To be eligible for a deduction, employees must also include any investments or expenses made in accordance with Section 80C and other sections of the Income Tax Act on the form.
It is the employer’s responsibility to verify the information provided by the employee and make the necessary tax deductions after the employee has submitted the completed Form 12BB to the employer. A copy of the form must also be kept by the employer for their records. Structure 12BB is a significant report that guarantees that workers get the right tax cuts and derivations and helps in keeping away from any punishments or legitimate issues connected with erroneous duty allowances.

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